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Courses & Prices

According to the latest statistics from the DVSA, on average it takes a beginner driver 47 hours of instruction to reach test standard. The courses below offer you the chance to learn as quickly and as safely as possible.

Driving courses available include:

Weekly Lessons £28 per hour
Block of 10 £270
Test Booster Course £437
Midway Pass Course £562
Semi-intensive Pass Course £782
Baby on Board Consultation £45 per hour
Pass Plus £160
Driving Test £62

Weekly Lessons

You can spread your lessons over several weeks. Lessons can be booked individually or in a block at a discount.
Lessons are a minimum 1 hour long.

Block of 10

10 hours of driving lessons

By booking a Block of 10 you benefit from a discounted hourly rate and get 10 hours confirmed in the diary. Pupils who book in Blocks of 10 are more unlikely to cancel lessons.

Lessons can be taken in 1 hour; 1.5 hour; or 2 hour blocks.

Test Booster Course

15 hours of driving lessons and the driving test.

For those who are nearing test standard. This course is ideal for those who need a short block of lessons prior to the test or who have had an attempt at the test some time ago but haven’t had any lessons since. The in-car training is 15 hours on a one to one basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test and the driving test fee).

Midway Pass Course

20 hours of driving lessons and the driving test

For those who have already learned the basic control skills of driving and have had previous driving tuition.

The in-car training provided is 20 hours on a one to one basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test and the driving test fee).

Semi-intensive Pass Course

30 hours of driving lessons and the driving test

The Semi-intensive Pass Course can be spread over two or more weeks to suit your and my schedule. It is designed for people who want to pass quickly but at a comfortable pace.

The Semi-intensive Pass Course is my most popular and most successful course.

This course must be booked in advance (at least 4 weeks) and your theory test completed and passed at the time of booking. This course is most successful if pupils are able to have additional practice hours with a parent/friend, etc.

The in-car training provided is 30 hours on a one to one basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test and the driving test fee).

Weekly lessons versus intensive courses?

Taking just one driving lesson per week will help to spread the training cost. However, training on a weekly basis takes longer and inevitably you end up paying far more in the long run. Block bookings and semi-intensive courses are proving more popular. It enables training to be well structured, lessons to be scheduled in advance and a clear target to achieve – the Driving Test date.

Pass Plus Course

6 hours tuition

Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their skills and drive more safely.

It is recommended for new drivers within the first 12 months of passing their test. It can be conducted in their car or the instructors car.

It has 6 modules, covering driving:

  • in town
  • in all weathers
  • on rural roads
  • at night
  • on dual carriageways
  • on motorways

All modules should be practical sessions, although local conditions may mean some are theory based. You’ll normally spend at least 5.5 hours driving.

You won’t take a test but you’ll be assessed throughout the course. To pass you’ll have to reach the required standard in all modules.

You’ll be sent a Pass Plus certificate after you’ve successfully finished your training. You’ll need this when applying for a car insurance discount.

You’ll need a Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor (ADI) to teach you.

Baby on Board

A private consultation that can be held in your own home and your own car. Click here for more information.

If you’re still unsure which course is right for you please give me a call to discuss your requirements or complete the Contact Me page.